On first glance you may think this webpage is about

dealing with debt collectors who threaten you, right?

Wrong, it is really about TRUST. If you are going to

turn your life around and get out of the hole you may

be in you will have bestow TRUST upon someone, right?


So anyone can give you a line of bs on the internet and

try to get you to buy whatever they are hawking. On the other

hand, today you won't be buying anything from me. Instead

I am going to give you my free cease and desist letter.

Once you use it and get the result you want, then we can

talk about what I have to offer. All you need to do is to

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I can help you to stop debt collectors from calling you. That's easy

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my cease and desist letter.


It is relatively simple to stop debt collectors from calling you. The rest

requires some know how and tenacity. Just because they are not calling

you or writing to you does not mean that they won't

submit incorrect information to the credit bureaus, call you neighbors

or employer.


Stopping the calls is the first step. It is the other things that these

criminals get away with that you need to be educated about. That

is what my StoptheCalls self help system does.


StopTheCallsFast can stop the calls and the letters from debt collectors but there

is much more to it than that. It is an educational tool. You will learn how to deal

with the kind of thorny issues presented by ruthless debt collectors should the need

ever arise.


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You can stop all of it if you want to. About this time you should

be asking how?

I personally have been through the ordeal of fire some years ago including bankruptcy,

divorce, and foreclosure so what I tell you is not idle chit chat, hearsay or what I read

at the library or on someone else's website.


If you have been contacted by Unifund CCR Partners, Palisades Acquisitions, Palisades

Collections, Portfolio Recovery Associates, Midland Funding, Asset Acceptance Corp,

you need to watch the video below and then go to my blog to request my free cease and desist

letter with audio instructions. To view the complete list of the very worst debt collectors

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Unfortunately many people realize they need help but only after it is too late or

when it starts to cost them legal fees. Don't be a victim. Here is where you can

learn how to defend yourself against debt collectors who act illegally.

If you are serious about stopping debt collectors who are threatening

or even suing you then my advice to you is to read everything on this

page, watch the video and then go to my blog

What I teach you does not come from books or reading

what others preach but from my own life. I have been bankrupt,

experienced foreclosure, divorce and have been the victim of

debt collector harassment. The system I built is based on what

happened to me and how I "adapted, adjusted, overcame" and

prevailed. I know how to deal with this scum. You want to get rid

of the Unifund CCR's, the Asta Fundings of this world or do you

want to continue to be a victim and add dollars to their already

bulging bank accounts.


My complete self help system is $39.95.

We offer you a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee.

If our system does not get you the results we promise then just return the

materials for a full refund no questions asked. What is it worth to you to

put a stop to the incessant phone calls? Do you like having to screen your



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I don't expect you to whip out your credit card and immediately

buy my system. Making any purchase involves trust and belief in

the product or service on which you are spending your money.

I have learned that you must give in order to receive. I believe in

giving those who read my blog and buy my service a lot of free content.

No matter what you read or what some of those who offer free advice tell

you, the very first step you must take if you are contacted by a debt collectors

on a debt which may be out of statute, not even yours, or perhaps even the

the obligation of a relative is to demand that the debt collector validate the


Go to this link and get my demand for debt validation letter for free with instructions.

Just email me at stopthecallsfast at and I will email you back

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Debt Validation is your first step. I'll teach how to make them think twice before they decide to sue you.

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You can get started right now for the reasonable price of $39.95 plus shipping and handling with unlimited email support.

My attorney friends tell me over and over that 90% of the lawsuits that junk debt buyers file end up as default judgments because consumers do not know their rights and do not how to appear and show up in court. This does not have to be you! I can change all that!

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